Home Improvement Hell

Welcome to Home Improvement Hell. If you own your own home, you are already well acquainted with this place. The simple weekend project that metamorphoses into a full-scale renovation — the scope of which would make Bob Vila get down on his knees and cry. These projects entice you with their simplicity, drawing you in like a siren on the seashore, only to dash your hopes of accomplishment on the jagged rocks below.

My problem is I spend too much time watching TLC. After spending a Saturday morning watching a marathon of Hometime or Trading Spaces, I convince myself that I can run to Home Depot and pick up everything I need to add a wing onto the house, and have it done before dinner.

The lesson to be learned here is that nothing is ever easy. Nothing. This page contains what will surely be a series of pictorial essays on how these simple ideas can snowball due to unforeseen circumstances.

The Plenum From Hell
Finishing the Basement
Backyard Improvements