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 Freedom Summit 2003

I attended
Freedom Summit 2003

October 18 & 19 in Phoenix, Arizona. How refreshing to spend a couple of days surrounded by folks who judge their systems of government with their minds instead of their hearts. Guest speakers included
Harry Browne,
Ron Paul,
Nathaniel Branden,
Vin Suprynowicz, and many others. It was a great trip and an inspiring weekend.

 That’s None of Your Business

A while back I wrote a letter to the St. Louis County Department of Revenue expressing my displeasure at how easy it was to obtain sensitive information (such as home addresses) on their web site. Apparently, I wasn’t alone. It took them a few months, but they finally responded to my letter.

I recognize the public nature of real estate records (although I don’t agree with it), but it is simply irresponsible for a government agency to make these data too readily available. Although anyone can go to the County Clerk’s office and look up this information, I believe it is necessary to maintain that level of difficulty in order to separate those who wish to obtain the information for legitimate reasons from those who might be seeking it for more impulsive and mischievous purposes.