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 Farenheit 9/11

I liked this movie overall. Michael Moore spins an interesting tale. But I agree with Moore’s critics that his movies are, shall we say, “factually challenged” and therefore utterly fail as documentaries. I have read the critiques of Bowling for Columbine and his practice of taking clips out of context in order to support his position. There is already a fair amount of evidence that he is guilty of the same thing with 9/11. Moore is a talented propagandist. For this reason, I wish he would simply admit it and return his Oscar, because, come on Mike, we all know that movie didn’t qualify as a documentary.

 The Notebook

A fantastic movie. Top notch. A compelling twist on the shopworn “forbidden love” and “love triangle” storylines. The romanticism abounds in the WWII period flashbacks that tell most of the story. The two main characters are very real and evocative, and I found myself wondering later what kind of life they had following their courtship. Perhaps Nicholas Sparks will find time one day to explore this further. In the meantime, I guess I’ll just have to settle for reading his sequel entitled The Wedding. Go see this movie.

 The Stepford Wives

This movie was okay. It was silly. Silly to the point of being stupid in places, and not all that funny overall. Despite the ensemble cast, it didn’t seem that the ensemble ever quite reached its potential. I would be interested to see the original from 1975 to see if it shared the remake’s identity crisis. Is it a psychological thriller, or is it a dark comedy? In either case, I’d be willing to forgive some of the silly shortcomings of this most recent film, if they were at least meant to be an homage to the original. I just don’t know.