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 Excuse the dust

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 I, Robot

This is a decent movie but you’ve seen it all before. In fact, you’ve even seen Will Smith act out the same part before. This movie is Independence Day with robots instead of aliens. It’s still a decent movie and the CG is top notch, but one is left to wonder how much better it could have been had they followed Asimov’s original story a little more closely. I mean it’s a classic for a reason, right? (This was the second in the double feature at the drive-in.)

 Alien vs Predator

I thought this movie was at least as good as Alien. The actors and actresses are little more than plot devices, and the story is fairly contrived, but it is still interesting. I won’t spoil the end, but I will say that they left it *wide* open for a sequel. This one isn’t going to win any Oscars, but hey, it’s a monster movie, what do you want? We saw it as part of a double feature at the drive-in, which is always a great place to see these kinds of movies.

 The Village

M. Night Shyamalan has redeemed himself somewhat in my eyes. The Village is an intriguing tale, and well-told. Moreso than his two previous offerings, Unbreakable and Signs, though still not on par with his supernatural tour de force The Sixth Sense. There is a twist in this movie, as audiences have come to expect from Shyamalan, but I wasn’t prepared for its philosophically profound implications. I left the theater wondering if the story told could have ever really happened, or, indeed, if it could be happening somewhere right now.