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 Will He Get Back Pay?

As if to confirm what everyone already knew, Fox News Channel is now *officially* the mouthpiece of the Bush Administration. President Bush announced today that Fox’s Tony Snow would replace Scott McClellan as White House press secretary. The only surprising part of this story is that McClellan was not replaced by a 16-year-old girl, as predicted by SNL on April 15.

 Take The Lead

I’m not a huge fan of Antonio Banderas, and as I sit here trying to think of the last movie I saw him in, I’m coming up blank. But no matter. He’s good in this one. I vaguely recall the cry of collective surprise during the media blitz for Evita that he actually had a singing voice. Well, guess what? He can dance too.

He’s no Patrick Swayze (Dirty Dancing, One Last Dance), but he’s not as stiff as Richard Gere either (Chicago, Shall We Dance). (Damn I see a lot of dancing movies!) He’s good in his role, and while it is based on a real-life person, the story is a bit formulaic, although still entertaining.

If you are a fan of dancing movies, this one won’t disappoint.

 Oh, The Outrage!

When will the powers that be in this country (and the DEA) realize that the so-called War on Drugs is as unwinnable as the Wars on Poverty and/or Terrorism? Did we learn nothing from Prohibition? Are they not aware that banning a substance (something that the Federal Government does not even have the authority to do without first amending the Constitution) only drives the production/sales/consumption of said substance underground?

This story illustrates the latest escalation in the never-ending arms race between those who want to be left alone, and those who won’t leave them alone. And the moral outrage expressed by DEA agent John Gilbride is laughable. No, scratch that. It’s contemptible. How dare he express righteous indignation by saying, “like grave robbers who have no respect for the dead, this drug organization used revered tombstones to smuggle millions of dollars worth of cocaine into New York City…” What a hypocrite.

Someone… me, for instance, could just as easily say, “like jack-booted thugs who have no respect for the rights of the People, this drug organization used terrorist tactics to violate the rights of millions of people in New York City.” See it works both ways. The fundamental difference being that only one of the aforementioned drug organizations has violated the rights of We the People. Care to guess which one?

 Five Years of Dat Ain’t Right

Today marks the fifth anniversary (or birthday, if you will) of a little experiment I started called Dat Ain’t Right, and to celebrate I’ve relaunched the site in blog format. This should make it a lot easier to update, which is something I’ve struggled with for a long time.

If you already know about DAR, but haven’t been there in a while, I encourage you to visit and visit often. You could even make it your homepage! No, wait. You might regret that. But definitely bookmark it. And tell your friends about it!