Take My Identity, Please

I just can’t win. Between my employer and the Veteran’s Administration, and their penchant for storing my personal data on easily-stolen laptop computers, I might as well just post my name, birthday, and Social Security number right here on my web site and save all those thieves the trouble. And people wonder why I am […]

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The DaVinci Code

There is no such thing as bad publicity. I’m surprised that the Catholic Church didn’t learn that lesson in 1988 when they turned The Last Temptation of Christ from a mediocre film at best into a certified media sensation. Denouncing a film as heresy is good for guaranteeing it at least another $20 million at […]

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A Unique Mother’s Day Gift

Since this was Dixie’s first official Mother’s Day, I wanted to find a special gift to commemorate it, and you won’t find many gifts more unique than a pirolette from TurnYourHead.com. You send them a profile photo of a person, in our case it was our precious little Noah, and they create a special jig […]

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Mission Impossible III

I’ve never been a big fan of Tom Cruise — his movie career peaked with Top Gun, in my opinion — and his recent exploits and the surrounding media blitz have done little to endear him to me and many other moviegoers who were on the fence about him. Cruise is tolerable in this role, […]

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