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 Dyson Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner

Touted in everything from TV commercials to the tagline emblazoned on the side of the product itself, this is the first vacuum that doesn’t lose suction. But I had to see for myself how good it was.

We were ready to replace our old vacuum anyway, and after seeing what I’ve seen so far, I’m glad we did. Before we even took it out of the box, we vacuumed the living room rug with our old Hoover (with an almost-new bag in it). Then we vacuumed the exact same rug with the Dyson, and look at how much filth it was able to pick up! Keep in mind that this was after having just vacuumed with a a conventional model.

We’re sold. Yes, they are expensive as hell, but they are apparently worth it — you get what you pay for, right? And, I’m jazzed that we’ll never have to buy another vacuum cleaner bag again, which, according to the Dyson literature, is a $500 million per year industry. No wonder the other vacuum manufacturers hate James Dyson so much.

If you want a vacuum that *really* picks up the dirt in your home, then you have no other choice. You have to choose a Dyson. Go buy one now! Hmmm, does Dyson have a referral program?

 The Break Up

Will Vince Vaughn ever tire of the flat, stereotypical characters that he plays? I’ll admit the man has a gift, but I’d just like to see him extend his range a bit.

He and Jennifer Aniston have good on-screen chemistry, but not great. And certainly not worth all of the buzz surrounding this latest Hollywood power-couple. I would have thought the media would have learned their lesson with “Bennifer,” but in the end they’re all a bunch of whores and they’ll hype anything if there’s a ratings point to be had.

The movie is funny, but not on par with some of Vaughn’s other work (namely Wedding Crashers, which I just watched again on DVD). And Aniston holds her own, but I’m sure it’s hard for her to turn in a noticeable performance with Vaughn’s over-the-top ad-libbing sucking up all the oxygen on the set.

And how weird is it that Vince Vaughn and Vince D’Onofrio actually look like brothers?

 Government Gone Wild

Last October, when I wrote about Time magazine’s story How To Spend $1 Billion A Day, I had no idea they meant spending it on strip clubs and Girls Gone Wild videos.

The Government Accountability Office (how’s that for an oxymoron?) hasn’t even finished its audit yet, so stand by for all of the instances of contractual fraud that are no doubt on their way. Waste, fraud, and abuse. That is all government is good for.

 Communication Is Still Secure

There’s been quite a bit of chatter in the blogosphere recently about
numbers stations (Slashdot, Homeland Stupidity). Hell, you can even order CDs of these stations and listen to them all the time, if you are so inclined.

No one really knows what these stations are for, or who runs them. Conspiracies abound — everything from government spooks communicating with their agents in the field, to young geeks in love. But their significance to me has little to do with why or how they are run, but simply that they exist.

Despite all of the recent media frenzy over government intrusion into our private communications, it is nice to know that the technology still exists for all of us to communicate with whomever, about whatever, we want, using an uncrackable code, and the government is powerless to stop us.

It makes all of the furor over the communications habits of terrorist sleeper cells seem rather pointless, doesn’t it?

 My Kind of Town, Chicago Is

To celebrate our fourth anniversary, I took Dixie to Chicago since she had never been before. It was also our first vacation with our little boy. We weren’t sure how he would travel, but he surprised us both and did really well. We all had a great time. Photos from the trip are available in my album.