Have You Seen Me?

Welcome to my version of the milk carton photo. These are people with whom I have lost touch over the years, and despite my occasional attempts to locate them, they have remained wrapped in cyber-obscurity. So I figured I would conduct a little experiment and let Google do some of the work for me. If I mention these people, and their names get indexed, then maybe someone who knows them might run across my site and tell them that I’m looking for them. Who knows? It’s worth a shot.

First up is my roommate from college, James Crawford. He was a journalism major and I heard at one point that he had moved to Chicago and was working for a newspaper up there. But it’s just as likely that he’s in a methadone clinic somewhere. Good luck to ya Jim, wherever you are!

Next are two crazy wankers who were both RAs with me in Wolpers Hall. Steve Elliott is in front and Steve Waller is in the background. I keep expecting to see Steve Elliott show up on American Idol because he was quite a good amateur singer, but then I remember that he’s as old as dirt (just like me) and they wouldn’t take him. Steve Waller graduated from medical school, so I guess he’s a doctor now. God help us all.

Lastly is the entire Resident Assistant staff from Wolpers Hall. I’ve kept in touch with a couple of these guys, but if not, you know who you are. Pictured are Brian Huck, Jay Hall, Albin Quiko, Brian Duperrett, Justin Spellerberg, Joe Ruzicka, myself, and Kelson Monks. If you know any of these losers, tell’em to contact me.