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 The Actions of a Few

This has been a great week for cops, not just in the St. Louis area, but all around the country. And it doesn’t seem to matter whether they are off duty or not.

The biggest story, of course, that everyone is talking about is Brett Darrow and Sgt. James Kuehnlein who was fired this week for showing his true colors as a so-called “law enforcement” officer. You see, the law is whatever Sgt. Kuehnlein says it is. As out of line as Kuehnlein was, I suppose Mr. Darrow is at least lucky that he didn’t get hit with the taser.

Heidi Gill found out what that was like. So did Andrew Meyer. Was this National Taser Week and somebody forgot to tell the citizens of America? As much as getting tasered hurts, it could be worse.

You could be bar owner David Gaulden, who had the crap beat out of him by six St. Louis area deputies who have subsequently been fired. Jefferson County Sheriff Oliver Boyer asked that “you not judge us by the actions of a few, but by the history of many.”

Unfortunately for all of us, these are no longer the actions of just a few. The number of stories and videos whizzing around the internet are merely the percentage of “the few” who have been unlucky enough, or stupid enough, to be caught and have their actions documented in the public eye. How many more are engaged in this activity, that we never hear about? Logic would suggest there are many, many more. And as for the “history of many,” my own story archive and others like it, are all the history I need to know.

 And So It Begins…

With a single stake in the ground, the massive sewer project that I wrote about last year begins. Our local sewer district has hired XL Contracting to perform the work outlined in this ordinance.

The trenching and tree-cutting has already begun in our subdivision, but they haven’t made it to our yard yet. A four-foot tunnel is being dug underneath highway 270 and the entrance is going to be under our backyard, which is going to require a 20×40-foot hole 15 feet deep to drop the boring machine into. Not to mention the trench for the 18″ line they are replacing. Our first impressions of XL have been good, but we’ll see how things go. We are told this will be a four month project, so stay tuned for updates.

Before shot:

 The Fiero Rides Again!

Since we moved, and I am no longer close enough to work to ride my scooter everyday, I have been in need of a fuel-efficient second vehicle. Luckily, I had just such a vehicle. It was time to pull my 1985 Pontiac Fiero out of mothballs.

It has been parked in a barn since 1997, so it required a little work to get it running again. I spent the summer (with a few weekends of help from my dad) coating the inside of the fuel tank (with some great sealer from KBS Coatings), replacing the fuel pump, rear brake calipers, and the brake master cylinder (with parts from The Fiero Store). And after a tune-up and a new set of tires, she is ready to roll!

Do you think if I tell VH1 that I’m going to put their I Love The 80s logo on my hood, they’ll help pay for my gas?