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 The End of the Road

Well, here we are at the end of 30 Days of Blog. It was fun, but I must admit that this turned out to be more difficult than I initially thought. Just finding the time to write was enough of a challenge, but finding interesting topics to write about was also difficult at times. I was trying not to sacrifice quality for quantity, but I’m not sure I was entirely successful over the course of the entire month. I’ll leave that for the reader to decide. I will no longer be posting everyday, but going forward, I would like to continue posting once or twice a week. I hope you have enjoyed, and continue to enjoy, reading.


When Josie was only a week or so old, I never would have guessed that we would have gotten a picture like this. Noah just wasn’t into the whole big brother role, and his actions toward her were what you could only call agressive. But he has mellowed quite a bit, and now he even seems to like her, and her face lights up whenever she sees him. I know it won’t last forever, but it sure is sweet while it does.

 I’m Cheating

Fridays are the hardest. Whew. When I accepted this challenge, I wouldn’t have guessed that one day would be harder than the rest, but Fridays have turned out to be more difficult to find something to write about than the remaining days of the week. So yeah, I’m cheating. It’s actually Saturday and I’m pre-dating this entry. And it’s not really about anything except the difficulty of finding something interesting to write about every day. My hat’s off to the talented bloggers out there who manage to crank out a quality product day after day. Yeah, I’m cheating. So sue me.

 George Carlin Remembered

If you came of age during the 70s and 80s, and had cable TV, you undoubtedly watched Carlin at Carnegie. Probably many times. I know I did. I think I had the entire thing memorized at one time in my life. Everyone has certain pop culture icons that influence their childhood, and for me one of the biggest was George Carlin. I can’t explain it, but I always felt a special connection to him. Needless to say, the news of his passing this week saddened me — moreso than I would have expected. We will miss you, George.

 Cars – Mater-National

We bought the Cars – Mater-National game for our Wii mainly because it is my son Noah’s favorite movie and I thought he’d enjoy watching the game as much as watching the movie. I was not wrong. He loves it.

But I must confess that I like it too, and it’s a very well executed game. The graphics are extremely well done, the story that guides you throughout is imaginative and well-written, and the game play itself is very good. The cars handle in a realistic way (for the most part) and the controls are intuitive.

I especially like the fact that certain areas of the game become unlocked after you achieve certain milestones and that results in barricades with “Road Closed” signs disappearing from roads in the game, allowing you to explore new areas of the map. I also like that time progresses as you go through phases of the game, so sometimes you are driving during the day, and sometimes at night. Overall it’s a great game and I would strongly recommend it, even if you don’t have kids!