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 What A Ham!

Sometimes you catch your kids doing the cutest things on video. Sometimes they’re just hamming it up, but sometimes they don’t know they’re being cute. I’m not sure which one this is, but I had to share.

 Cambridge Swingset

We bought this Cambridge model swingset from Sam’s last season on clearance and finally got around to assembling the beast this past weekend. If you buy one, you can plan on it taking a good 20 hours to assemble if you have only two people. I would recommend that you follow the instructions and take the time to sort and stack all of the pieces after you take them out of the box. It may seem like a waste of time up front, but it will save you time hunting for the right pieces in the long run.

Speaking of the instructions, I think Leisure Time Products could have done a better job with them. They are pretty hard to follow in places, and that just adds time to the assembly process. But overall we are very happy with the product, and Noah just loves the slide!