Happy Halloween

This year’s addition to the haunted garage is a simple-looking throne with a hidden secret. A motion sensor concealed in the skull at the top detects when someone reaches into the bowl for a piece of candy and triggers both a pneumatic cylinder to strike inside with a loud crack and a strobe light just […]

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One Day On Earth

Last month I signed up to participate in the One Day On Earth project, which is a collaborative media project where people from all over the world submit videos of their activities today, 10/10/10, and then all of these will be compiled into a single movie documenting the human experience. Here is my submission. It’s […]

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Rooftop Antenna

I’ve not had much luck with antennas as part of my Home Theater PC build. Up until now, none of the models I’ve tried have worked very well. This latest one, a Channel Master 4228, did not fare well inside my attic, so I finally had to admit defeat and mount the thing on my […]

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