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 Our Little Puppy

ellieWe are pretty excited about the newest addition to our little family. Her name is Ellie (Noah picked the name) and she is now four weeks old. Only a few more weeks before we can pick her up! We haven’t told the kids yet, but they are going to be thrilled when they find out we are getting a dog. Can’t wait to meet you Ellie! See you soon!

 Garden 2.0

expanded gardenLast year’s garden was a big success, but it didn’t take us long to realize that it wasn’t big enough to produce all of the food we wanted. So we started this season by expanding it to twice the size. Photos from the construction are available in my album. Our success with the garden last year has also led us to expand the number of crops as well. I have the utmost confidence in Farmer Dixie, and look forward to more bountiful harvests.