Using All Of The Space

September 1, 2014 - news
Using All Of The Space

If your house has more than one floor, chances are good that there is a lot of wasted space above and below your stairs that is just crying out to be filled with stuff. Shelves underneath the stairs are easy, and something that I added when we first moved in. But after years of climbing up and down the steps and staring at all of that empty white space up there, I finally had to do something with it, so as a side project to my current family room remodel, I’ve conjured up an entirely new room right off the kitchen that I’m calling a butler’s pantry.

The floor is a piece of 3/4″ plywood made just a bit beefier with some 1x4s, connected with some heavy duty hinges to a 2×4 attached to the wall with lag screws into the studs. It rests on a matching 2×4 on the opposite wall, and I cut a notch out of the wood to allow room for the handrail. This was designed to hold a single person, but we’ve already tested it with two adults (300+ pounds) and it had no trouble holding us.

Once the floor is in place, you can assemble whatever kind of shelves or hanging storage containers you like. I used 3/4″ pine boards that will easily hold 50-100 pounds on each shelf. Add a few hooks to the underside of the shelves and you have a place to hang pots and pans, or dry herbs from your herb garden. Mmmm… smell the rosemary. For just a couple hundred bucks in lumber and hardware, maybe you should add a new pantry to your house too? Eat your heart out Pinterest!

[Update: 3/11/18] I added a couple of recent shots to show the current state of the pantry.

8 thoughts on “Using All Of The Space


Looks great, excellent idea!


Very nice Jerry, impressive use of space.


I have the same empty space and have been looking on line, trying to figure out how to use it. This is perfect! My house is 480 sq. ft. and need all the storage I can get. Nice job!


Exactly what I would like to do to my stairway!!! Perfect place for a pantry to hold dry goods, canned goods, pots pans !!! Free up kitchen cabinet space!

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  • Pam

    How does the door get up and down ? And how much does it weigh ?


      Pam, we lift it manually and it probably only weighs 15-20 pounds – it’s not a full sheet of plywood.


    This is what I’ve been trying to figure out for
    26 years this spot in our house has been stumping
    Me. Thank you!!!!!!


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