I Speak For The Trees

[continued from Part 1] After meeting with the contractor that Ameren dispatched to walk my property line and mark trees, he invited me to walk the line with him. I was glad I did. Not only did this give me an opportunity to recalibrate his understanding of easements, but it gave him a chance to […]

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I Am The Lorax

I am not a fan of Ameren. Ever since I spent seven days without electricity in the throes of a St. Louis summer, there is very little that company can do to find favor with me. I’m sure I’m not alone. That incident in July 2006, where a half million residents lost power for days […]

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Schmittel’s Nursery

Last week I wrote about our new trees. We bought them from Schmittel’s Nursery in Maryland Heights, and paid them to install the trees. The installation was complicated by the fact that two of the trees were 5-inch maples that are very large and very heavy. They could not use the normal wheelbarrow or hand […]

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A Poem Lovely As A Tree

It’s been a year since I last wrote about the torturous sewer project that transpired in our back yard. There is one final chapter in this saga, however, that I wanted to document here for the benefit of anyone else who might have to deal with MSD. A few weeks ago we replaced the trees […]

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Trying Times

If J & J Boring, of Winfield, Missouri had a web site, I’d link to it. But, they don’t. I didn’t turn up much in Google for them, either. So I guess this will be the first and only review of their work available on the Internet. In a word, I am displeased. They are […]

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