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 That Time Of The Month

Thank goodness that’s over. The thirtieth day couldn’t come quickly enough for me. I think I say this every year, but this was by far the hardest month so far. We had so much stuff going on this month, just finding the time to write was enough of a challenge, but I also struggled to find topics that I thought would be interesting. I hope I didn’t bore anyone to death with my ramblings. I’m pretty sure all of my friends have blocked me on Facebook because they are tired of hearing me rant. Well, if you’re still reading this, thanks for coming along for the ride and more than likely I’ll be punishing myself again next June and we’ll do it all over again. In the meantime, I will return to my regular schedule of once or twice a month when I have something important (or at least not completely tedious) to say. Thanks for listening!

 Reading and Writing

I envy people who view reading a book as a way to kill an afternoon. It usually takes me months to read a book. Part of it is I just don’t read that fast, but mostly it’s a matter of finding the time to sit down and read. The time that works best is bedtime right before I fall asleep, however, reading puts me to sleep faster than a double shot of melatonin, so I usually end reading a page, maybe two, before I’m out like a light. At a page a day, you can see that even a magazine could take me all winter to get through.

Writing I do a little better at, though not much. It usually takes a specific challenge like this month, or NaNoWriMo to motivate me. I guess what I’m saying is that I like to read and write, I just wish it wasn’t so challenging.

 Ready, Set, Blog!

It is time once again for the Running of the Blogs! This is my fourth year participating, and it seems to get harder every year. The idea is to post something every day for 30 days. It’s harder than it sounds. Although it’s a lot easier than writing a novel in 30 days. I have a few interesting topics lined up to talk about this month, but the rest of time I’ll be winging it. So, let’s see how I do, shall we? On your mark. Get set. Blog!

 How Novel!

This is my fourth year participating in National Novel Writing Month, in which one is challenged to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days, and I actually completed it this year. Does that make me a novelist? Maybe. The book isn’t quite finished yet. Fifty thousand words wasn’t enough to tell the story I’m trying to tell. I’ve actually been working on writing this book for several years (I’m embarrassed to say exactly how long), but I’ll keep plugging away at it until it’s done.

They say that writing a book is the hardest thing you can do. At this point, I believe it. So many obstacles, so few rewards. But once you’ve created the characters and invested so much of yourself in them, you can’t just leave. You have to hang around long enough to find out what they are going to do. So, back to work. NaNoWriMo may be over for another year, but Chapter 56 beckons…


Well, here we are at the end of another 30 days. I don’t know if it’s because I have so much other stuff going on, or I’m just running out of things to write about, but this was the hardest year so far. For those of you following along, I hope it wasn’t too painful — I tried to keep it interesting.

Like last year, I have a few ideas that didn’t make it into the rotation, so you can probably expect to see those pop up in the weeks ahead. But I won’t bother resolving to write more often, since I know that never works out for me. So we now return to our regular sporadic update schedule. Until next year, see ya around the ‘net. Maybe next year I can convince Dixie to join me with her shiny new blog.