Sin City

The movie is called Sin City — emphasis on the word ‘sin.’ So much emphasis, in fact, that ordinary, everyday sins (like murder and adultery) weren’t enough for director Robert Rodriguez. He and co-director Frank Miller had to resort to exploring some of society’s most forbidden taboo sins, such as cannibalism and child molestation. Couple this with the fact that there isn’t a single character in the film that you, the audience member, can relate to (unless you’re a prostitute, thug, or a crooked cop), and all of the computer-generated cinematographical tricks in the world cannot save your film. The movie is well-made and well-acted (let’s be honest, the comic-book feel that was achieved is indeed groundbreaking), but Frank Miller’s stories are not ones that need to be told, in graphic novels, or any other media for that matter. Without a protagonist, his tales have very little value at all. Skip this one.

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