Star Wars: Episode III

Overall, this movie was better than Episodes I & II. I think George Lucas has redeemed himself to some extent. With all six movies now entered into our collective consciousness, it becomes obvious that Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader is actually the central character to the story — and not Luke Skywalker as was previously apparent from the original trilogy. Within that context, I’m a little disappointed that the source of his torment is something as mundane as a boy’s yearning for his mother. It seems a figure as enigmatic as Vader would be substantially more complex. But I guess not. I also have to take issue with Obi-Wan’s behavior in the final moments of this film. It was in no way consistent with his character. I understand why it had to be that way, but it seems that with a little more effort the story could have been constructed in such a way that Obi-Wan was forced to make the choice that he did, rather than in the awkward and contrived fashion that it was presented.

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