If you’re a Monty Python fan, you simply cannot miss Spamalot (currently playing a month-long engagement at the Fabulous Fox). The plot follows that of the original Holy Grail pretty closely, but throws in a few gags from other favorite Python movies. And did I mention it’s a musical?

Eric Idle misses no opportunity to skewer Andrew Lloyd Weber, and lampoons Weber’s sappy sweet formula in a brilliantly funny parody of the sewer scene from Phantom of the Opera. It then pokes fun at itself, bemoaning the fact that they are doomed to failure due to their lack of Jews in “You Won’t Succeed On Broadway.”

The finale is even more satisfying than the movie (with its clumsy ending that suggested the budget simply ran out), with the resolution of the quest for the grail, a wedding, and everyone living happily ever after.

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