Epic Movie

Never has so much been spent on so little to entertain so few. The budget for this film was certainly epic, so it’s a shame the comedy was so lackluster. No expense was seemingly spared on the CG effects, or the sets and wardrobe, but it was still a disappointing outing from the same group who brought us the laughs with the Scary Movie franchise. Perhaps they tried to reach too far, skewering everything from last year’s Nacho Libre (which I recognized from the trailer, since I would never actually pay to see that) to The DaVinci Code. The only notable scenes in the whole movie are Darrell Hammond’s spot-on parody of Johnny Depp’s Pirates of the Carribean character: Capt Jack Swallows — but don’t waste your money on this one. Wait for video. Actually, no, don’t bother.

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