Lego Designer

A while back I wrote about a really cool and addictive board game called Cathedral. Ever since I got the game, I thought it would be cool to make a copy of the game and its pieces using Legos. Well, the Lego folks have some software called Lego Designer that you can download from their web site. It is a CAD application that lets you build anything your heart desires using the your choice of any bricks that Lego makes.

It took me a while to get used to it, but the software has some popup help to get you started. Once I got rolling, it was really cool to be able to build the model and then spin it around in 3D and look at it. The best part is once you are done, you save your design and upload it to Lego’s web site. You can then purchase the model you just made in a custom-printed box. If you add it to the gallery, then others who are browsing can buy your model too. My Cathedral game is here, if you’re interested in seeing it.

It’s actually cheaper to buy the real thing, so unless you’re a fanatic of both Cathedral and Legos, I wouldn’t recommend you spend your money, but definitely check out the software! [Update: you should also check out this guy’s design, which is, I have to say, better looking than mine, but is probably more expensive to make.]

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