The Fiero Rides Again!

Since we moved, and I am no longer close enough to work to ride my scooter everyday, I have been in need of a fuel-efficient second vehicle. Luckily, I had just such a vehicle. It was time to pull my 1985 Pontiac Fiero out of mothballs.

It has been parked in a barn since 1997, so it required a little work to get it running again. I spent the summer (with a few weekends of help from my dad) coating the inside of the fuel tank (with some great sealer from KBS Coatings), replacing the fuel pump, rear brake calipers, and the brake master cylinder (with parts from The Fiero Store). And after a tune-up and a new set of tires, she is ready to roll!

Do you think if I tell VH1 that I’m going to put their I Love The 80s logo on my hood, they’ll help pay for my gas?

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