Time in a Bottle

When I graduated college and started working full time, it was a bit of a shock initially. You never realize how much free time you have until it is gone. I thought I was busy in college. I was double-majoring, carrying a full load of classes, running a radio station, and I was a Resident Assistant in the dorm where I lived. It seemed like my days were pretty full. It wasn’t until I started working 40 hour weeks that I realized how much time I had in college to simply goof off and do whatever I wanted.

When I made the commitment to having a wife and family, I knew that I would have even less free time. Finding a few minutes just to do something like writing this blog is a challenge. But the sacrifice of free time isn’t as much of a shock because it happens so gradually, and as I look into my daughter’s eyes as I write this, and she smiles up at me, I know it is all worth it.

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