Magnetic Spice Rack Revisited

April 30, 2009 - news
Magnetic Spice Rack Revisited

It was time to update our old magnetic spice rack and my wife found some cool magnetic knife racks from IKEA. Combined with the containers we already had from Specialty Bottle, and this is no longer a spice rack, it’s wall art!

4 thoughts on “Magnetic Spice Rack Revisited


This looks pretty cool, but I have to say, a magnetic knife rack makes me nervous. One bump and you’ve got blades falling all over the place. 🙂


Just wondering how strong the caps are on these containers. Do you need to be extra careful when removing the jars from the magnet so as not to pull the lid off, or do they keep their grip well enough that you don’t have to worry?


bj, the canisters work surprisingly well. The lids are virtually air-tight, and if you try to remove them by pulling straight up on them you can feel the suction holding the lid in place. We have not had a problem with the lids coming off by accident.

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