Sammy Scott’s

I don’t think I’ve ever written a restaurant review before, but since I’m waiting for Dobbs to change the oil in my car, and this was the first place I found within walking distance with a free wi-fi connection, here we go.

This is the first and only location of Sammy Scott’s, at Olive & Mason in Creve Coeur. They aspire to be a chain, however, if the employee conversations I overheard are any indication. You have to admire their entrepreneurial spirit — they opened a sandwich shop six doors down from an established Jimmy John’s. Risky, but hey, maybe they have what it takes. The proof is in the pudding, er, sandwich.

I ordered the Cuban, which was very good, although a little small for the price: $5.50. It’s about half the size of a $5 Subway footlong. For $2 more, you get to choose from a fairly long list of sides, and a drink. I went with potato salad and lemonade. Plus a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie, that was delicious and almost as big as the sandwich. Total damage: $10. They are proud to tell you that they bake their own bread and roast their own meats in the store. They also serve breakfast before 10am.

Overall, a good meal. If you’re in the Creve Coeur area, you should check them out.

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