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I Speak For The Trees
[continued from Part 1] After meeting with the contractor that Ameren dispatched to walk my property line and mark trees, he invited me to walk the line [...]
I Am The Lorax
I am not a fan of Ameren. Ever since I spent seven days without electricity in the throes of a St. Louis summer, there is very little that company can do [...]
Stop Draggin’ My Car Around
Last year I wrote about the state of the electric car market, so I wanted to revisit the topic and provide an update. I’m still planning to buy an [...]
Electric Cars Still Coming
A year ago I wrote about the electric car from Zenn Motors that was on the verge of becoming a reality. A year later, it doesn’t appear to be any [...]
An Inconvenient Purpose
A few years ago some folks started asking the question, What Would Jesus Drive? I’m not sure how seriously the question was supposed to be taken, as [...]
Green vs Green
If you want to “go green” for environmental reasons, that’s great. If you want to do it for financial reasons, that’s great too, [...]
The Electric Car Cometh, Maybe
I’ve written about electric cars before, but for a while now I’ve been following what I consider to be the most promising entry into this [...]
Free Energy
Last summer when I wrote about our solar water heater installation, I was anxious to see how it would function during the winter. As an example, right now [...]
Solatube Solar Attic Vents
Back in July, I wrote about having a solar water heater installed. About the same time, I also had solar-powered attic vents installed by an outfit called [...]
Some Like It Hot
As I mentioned last month, we planned to install a solar water heater in our home this year. That plan has come to fruition. Installation was finalized [...]
Going Solar
As I mentioned previously, I was considering installing a photovoltaic system this year to offset some of our home energy costs. But the PV systems are [...]
Wanna Play Monopoly?
As I write this, there are still over 500 people in the St. Louis area without electricity, according to AmerenUE‘s outage map. Granted, that number [...]
Viza Tank 50QT-9 Motor Scooter
A friend of mine reminded me of an old joke about mopeds. Well, that may be true, but it doesn’t change the fact that this bad boy is *fun* to ride! [...]