Rooftop Antenna

I’ve not had much luck with antennas as part of my Home Theater PC build. Up until now, none of...

October 9, 2010

Lenovo Wireless Keyboard

The Lenovo N5901 wireless keyboard is a small handheld remote with a full QWERTY keyboard and built-in trackball. It seems...

June 28, 2010

Bye Bye DirecTV!

Earlier this year, I documented my Home Theater PC project. My primary motivation for this endeavor was to find a...

June 3, 2010

HTPC Results

[This is the final part in a series on building your own HTPC] The primary reason I set out to...

March 15, 2010

HTPC Install

[This is Part IV of a series on building your own HTPC] Once you’ve assembled the hardware, and collected the...

March 9, 2010

HTPC Software

[This is Part III of a series on building your own HTPC] I started out thinking this would be a...

March 7, 2010

HTPC Hardware

[This is Part II of a series on building your own HTPC] Let me start by saying that I did...

March 2, 2010

Home Theater PC

When you start the research, like I did, on building your own Home Theater PC, you inevitably come across a...

February 28, 2010

iPod Touch

It was time to retire my Palm PDA, but replacing it was something of a challenge since no one really...

July 28, 2009