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Quest For A Good Antenna
An integral part of my Home Theater PC build is the antenna, and when I first wrote about the hardware, I wasn’t even aware how complicated things [...]
The Lost Room
I just watched Sci-Fi Channel’s miniseries The Lost Room for the second time, and I have to say that it is really very good. It originally aired in [...]
Disappointed With LOST
I was disappointed with the Lost finale. There, I said it. It wasn’t very good. Actually, it was good — just like every other episode of the [...]
Bye Bye DirecTV!
Earlier this year, I documented my Home Theater PC project. My primary motivation for this endeavor was to find a viable alternative, preferably less [...]
I’ve been a Netflix user for many years. I was intrigued when they began offering some of their movies in streaming format directly from their web [...]
Nexus LCD TV
It was finally time to replace my wife’s tired old CRT TV that she uses to watch her workout videos, so for our anniversary this year, we went [...]
Lost Without LOST
It’s only been a week since the season finale of my favorite show LOST, but I’m already having withdrawals. Season 4 was the best one so far, [...]