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I’m spending time learning about my Creator Pro, and in the process, I’ve come across a lot of resources, including plenty of YouTube videos. One trend I’ve noticed is a lot of folks like to post time lapse videos of their printer doing its thing, so I thought I’d give it a shot. In this clip, I’m printing copies of this impressive design of a fluted Ionic column that is Lego compatible. A couple of photos of the finished product are below.

Right now I’m learning to use Vectary and TinkerCAD┬áso I can design some cool models of my own, rather than only downloading those of others. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

My First Time Lapse

Yellow jackets had taken up residence in one of my wife’s herb planters. So, after she got stung several times while watering them, it was time to declare war on the little critters. In an attempt to eradicate them without using chemicals, I employed a tactic I first learned about here. A couple of inches of water and some dish soap in my shop-vac, and we were ready to do battle. Watch the video to see the carnage.

Requiem for Yellow Jackets

I’ve spent the last six months remodeling our family room. But the culmination of all of that work is a model train that runs around the perimeter of the room. Here’s a quick video showing the final product. By the way, this is an excellent video for troubleshooting issues with Lionel trains.

The Polar Express

I’ve mentioned before how much we like all of the wildlife we see on our property, but yesterday it was the source of some dismay as we watched this juvenile Red-Tailed Hawk try to make our chickens into a breakfast buffet. It is times like these that I am glad I used hardware cloth on the coop. As they say, chicken wire keeps chickens in, but doesn’t keep predators out.

Bird Versus Bird