The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
One must really have a sense of the absurd to appreciate the humor of Douglas Adams. If you are like me, the HHGTTG series is among your favorite books, [...]
Sin City
The movie is called Sin City — emphasis on the word ‘sin.’ So much emphasis, in fact, that ordinary, everyday sins (like murder and [...]
The Pacifier
Vin Diesel is following in Ah-nuld’s footsteps, as he makes the leap into comedy. His performance is passable, if implausible. The entire story is [...]
Man of the House
This movie is entertaining. Tommy Lee Jones is perfectly cast as the gruff Ranger with a heart. If you’re going to see this movie because you like [...]
The CG is, of course, stunning — there doesn’t seem to be much difference in quality anymore these days from movie to movie. I didn’t [...]
Will Smith does a good job of playing the straight man to Kevin James, although through the magic of flashbacks he does get to cut up a little bit. This is [...]
The Wedding Date
I had my doubts about whether or not Debra Messing could carry a film by herself. I was impressed. She did an excellent job, and there was good chemistry [...]
The Aviator
Leonardo DiCaprio is brilliant once again in his portrayal of the reclusive and enigmatic Howard Hughes. I’ve never considered myself a fan of [...]
In Good Company
Thoroughly enjoyable yet ultimately disappointing. I cant figure out why Paul Weitz would feel the need to tease his audience so much. An interesting story [...]
Beyond The Sea
Yes, Kevin Spacey has been in something of a slump recently. But Hollywood had better take notice: Mr. Spacey is back with a vengeance. Few people in [...]
Ocean’s Twelve
I was the tiniest bit disappointed with this movie. Ocean’s Eleven was a tough act to follow, though. I don’t think the sequel was quite as [...]
National Treasure
Is Nicholas Cage the new Harrison Ford? This film certainly had that Indiana Jones feel, within a concrete jungle instead. What a ride. Fast paced and [...]
The Incredibles
A very entertaining movie overall, with the sophisticated humor that we’ve all come to expect from Pixar, and a unique story about aging superheroes [...]
Shall We Dance
The trailer for this movie just screams “chick flick” and I’m no fan of Jennifer Lopez, but thankfully, she doesn’t have a major [...]
Team America: World Police
This one wasn’t as good as I was hoping it would be — your average episode of South Park has more biting satire. As expected, the music was [...]
Jimmy Fallon probably doesn’t have what it takes to carry a movie. Chris Kattan has discovered this about himself as well, along with a long list of [...]
I, Robot
This is a decent movie but you’ve seen it all before. In fact, you’ve even seen Will Smith act out the same part before. This movie is [...]
Alien vs Predator
I thought this movie was at least as good as Alien. The actors and actresses are little more than plot devices, and the story is fairly contrived, but it [...]
The Village
M. Night Shyamalan has redeemed himself somewhat in my eyes. The Village is an intriguing tale, and well-told. Moreso than his two previous offerings, [...]
Spiderman 2
It is not often that Hollywood manages to crank out a sequel that is worth watching. It is even less frequent that a sequel is better than its predecessor, [...]
Farenheit 9/11
I liked this movie overall. Michael Moore spins an interesting tale. But I agree with Moore’s critics that his movies are, shall we say, [...]
The Notebook
A fantastic movie. Top notch. A compelling twist on the shopworn “forbidden love” and “love triangle” storylines. The romanticism [...]
The Stepford Wives
This movie was okay. It was silly. Silly to the point of being stupid in places, and not all that funny overall. Despite the ensemble cast, it didn’t [...]
The Day After Tomorrow
An enjoyable film. The special effects were excellent, with two notable exceptions. The CG wolves were a bit weak (reminiscent of the animals in Jumanji), [...]