Netopia 3347 DSL Modem/Router

At the suggestion of an AT&T technician, I upgraded my old router and DSL modem to this Netopia 3347 combination unit, and I am very glad I did. He notified me that my old DSL modem, a Slipstream 4100 B that I purchased at Best Buy about a year ago, was actually two or three generations old already and that upgrading to this particular device had solved a connection problem for another customer he had helped.

I had been experiencing the same connection problem when streaming video from the internet. Since setting up our Home Theater PC, and saying goodbye to DirecTV, we have been watching a lot more streaming content, Netflix in particular. The video from Netflix and a few other sites (CNET, YouTube, etc.) would frequently stutter or pause for long periods to buffer content, making it unwatchable, but upgrading to this new hardware has solved all of those problems. It’s also one less box taking up space and electricity.

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