How Is AT&T Still In Business?

June 18, 2011 - rant

I just had another horrible experience with AT&T customer support, and I know I’m not alone. They have to be one of the most hated companies on earth for this reason. I just tried logging into their website to make changes to an account and since I do this so seldom, I could not remember my password. Against my better judgment, I attempted to reset my password online — to avoid having to call them, which is an even more painful experience. Twenty-five minutes later, after struggling with the user interface of their site, I get to the point where I click a button to have a temporary password sent to me so I can login. Upon clicking said button, I get a message informing me that the “My AT&T” site is down temporarily for maintenance. It’s tragically comic. Or comically tragic. I can’t decide which. But I do know that if I had another option available to me for DSL service, I would no longer be an AT&T customer. But since they are a monopoly, I’m stuck complaining about their crappy service to you, my dear reader. Thank you for listening.

One thought on “How Is AT&T Still In Business?


Hey Jerry,
I agree completely. My internet connection had been horrible for months. If you call, some guy in India wants you to reset your modem, blah, blah,blah. The last time I called, I told them I wouldn’t do it, send someone out, your line is bad. They pressed on, and then wanted some number from my billing statement before I could get to maintenance. Told them I didn’t have that, I don’t save them after I pay the bill. Then they said well they couldn’t send someone out. So I told them that they could cancel everything AT&T in my house then, because I don’t need a number for that. They sent someone out rather quickly and fixed their bad wire.
I hate AT&T, yes, I really do.


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