I Bought A Cow

June 22, 2011 - news

I challenge anyone to watch the documentary Food, Inc. and not be influenced to make at least a few changes in the way you eat. More than likely, you’ll change a lot. You’ll look at that half-pound chicken breast and wonder if the chicken was still able to walk, supporting its unnatural weight. You’ll wonder what dose of antibiotics you’re receiving in that burger you just ate. Most importantly, you’ll wonder if cheap food really is the blessing we all assume it to be, when you take into account the hidden costs associated with eating it.

And you may even go off the deep end, like we have, and buy your own cow. Actually, it’s only half of a cow, and it’s in our freezer. But it was raised eating grass on a Missouri pasture not too far from here, it was slaughtered on June 4, dry-aged, vacuum-wrapped, frozen, and delivered to our door today. We figure it will last us about a year and it cost less than five dollars a pound.

Without wading into the debate about so-called “happy meat” and whether it even exists, I’ll just say that the fact that grass-fed beef is healthier for you than grain-fed beef is enough by itself to justifiy the decision. And I believe this method of raising livestock is more sustainable, so there are environmental benefits as well. It may end up costing us more in the long run, but maybe that’s what beef is supposed to cost?

3 thoughts on “I Bought A Cow


Ok this means it is time to have you over for a BBQ! I think we should do a blindfolded taste test of your cow vs. our cow 🙂


    Sounds like a plan!


If either of you would research this truth, that the liver makes our body all of the cholesterol our body needs for lifegiving digestion and blood health, that animal cholesterol is a foreign invader that the immune system and blood system changes into slime, plaque, that clogs veins and arteries, if you would research how many so-called grass-grown animals develop diseases now such as mad-cow disease, and other reasons too many to cover here, you’d get back to God’s first menu found in Gen. 1:29 and 3:18, and become vegans. Did it ever occur to you that our ancient parents lived nearly 1000 years, before the flood and only 70+ years after the flood when we HAD to eat animals until the vegetation grew back? And that this radical drop in life expectancy was due to the above TRUTH, with some added drop due to our rejection of our Creator?


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