Requiem for Yellow Jackets

July 25, 2015 - news

Yellow jackets had taken up residence in one of my wife’s herb planters. So, after she got stung several times while watering them, it was time to declare war on the little critters. In an attempt to eradicate them without using chemicals, I employed a tactic I first learned about here. A couple of inches of water and some dish soap in my shop-vac, and we were ready to do battle. Watch the video to see the carnage.

One thought on “Requiem for Yellow Jackets

Kathy Silvie

I just shared this with my main squeeze, who has met these devils frequently in our yard. He was impressed. (which, in itself is impressive, as he is not easily impressed!) His next encounter will end differently. I will play my Lady Mass cd for their requiem. THANK YOU!


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