reMarkable Paper Tablet

I have been intrigued with this gadget for over a year now when I first learned of it. It certainly seemed too good to be true, and for that reason alone I shied away from it. The retail price made it even easier to avoid any serious consideration. But because I find myself carrying multiple notebooks now – for work and for personal use – it seemed like a reasonable alternative. If you do your research you will learn that the company really has created something remarkable – the reviews are unanimous – this technology is the closest you can come to real paper. The tactile experience is everything you would expect.

I was not ready to pay $600 for a notebook, so I didn’t. I got mine used from eBay. And I deliberately waited for multiple software updates to be released and the subsequent reviews (on various forums, Reddit, Facebook, etc.) to come back reflecting positive improvement in the user experience. I also took suggestions from the RemarkableWiki on alternative cases (and, by the way, while the RM100 may have dimensions that are similar to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S and the Asus ZenPad, they are not similar enough to be able to use their cases). In the end, I had to select a case that was designed specifically for it before I got one that fit.

But after a long wait, I can finally say that with the latest software update and a custom-fitted case that makes holding the tablet a lot easier and a lot more satisfying, this device is absolutely fantastic at what it does.

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