Alienware Aurora R13

With Windows 11, Microsoft has forced the obsolescence of probably millions of computers around the world. Mine was one of them. But, I bought my last computer in Dec 2011, so it had a good run. But since I’ve gotten back into gaming with the kids, it was time for an upgrade. This one should last me at least another decade, assuming Microsoft doesn’t intervene.

So far I like everything about this new rig, except for maybe the Alien-bloatware that comes pre-installed. It’s actually not as bad as some PCs I’ve bought in the past, but it’s still somewhat annoying that they include it. I got the air-cooled model that I thought would mean that it would sound like a jet-engine when it was running, but it has been surprisingly quiet. It’s big – about 20″ tall and 19″ deep (without the cable cover), but the reviews I’ve read say the larger volume inside makes the cooling more efficient. It is set up to overclock right out of the box, but I’m not that fanatical, so I’ll stick with the default clock speed.

I’ll also say that despite the various global supply chain snafus right now, Dell managed to get it here lightning fast – I place my order on a Monday and FedEx delivered it on Saturday. Good job, Dell!

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