Tunes To Go

I’m lucky to work at a place that doesn’t mind its employees listening to music (on headphones) while they work. Years ago, I carried an actual MP3 Player to work everyday, but I quickly outgrew the limited storage capacity, so I ultimately transitioned to carrying a simple USB drive. The drive also served as a convenient courier for documents and other non-music content. However, installing a suitable MP3 player on my work computer was not really an option. I had an old copy of a very useful and lightweight MP3 player called Sonique, along with a sizable collection of visual plugins, and to my delight it could be installed on the USB drive and run from there. I was very pleased with this solution, and for years it served me well.

However, a few weeks ago, for no apparent reason, Sonique stopped running on my work computer. I tried several remedies to no avail. So it was time to seek out a new alternative. I settled on Winamp, and I have to say I am very pleased with its performance. With some instructions I found in the Winamp forums, I easily installed it on my USB drive and it runs very well from there. The player is packed with features that I will probably never use and there is an army of developers out there writing new plugins for it all the time. I even found one that will let me control the player with my Dell multimedia keyboard at work (drivers for which are notoriously difficult to find)! I’m going to miss Sonique’s slick visuals, but I have to recommend Winamp to anyone who transports their tunes on a lowly thumb drive.

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