How Is AT&T Still In Business?
I just had another horrible experience with AT&T customer support, and I know I’m not alone. They have to be one of the most hated companies on [...]
I Speak For The Trees
[continued from Part 1] After meeting with the contractor that Ameren dispatched to walk my property line and mark trees, he invited me to walk the line [...]
I Am The Lorax
I am not a fan of Ameren. Ever since I spent seven days without electricity in the throes of a St. Louis summer, there is very little that company can do [...]
Hey Airline Industry!
Recent surveys have indicated that the airlines are getting worse instead of better when it comes to customer satisfaction, one of the key areas being [...]
This is addressed to those who routinely mispronounce the name of my home state. Some of you, inexplicably, are from this state and you still don’t [...]
Bye Bye DirecTV!
Earlier this year, I documented my Home Theater PC project. My primary motivation for this endeavor was to find a viable alternative, preferably less [...]
The Big Box Office Bamboozle
It looks like my prediction about Avatar is on track to come true, but the box office reports today reminded me just how pointless box office reports are. [...]
Spammers Have Ruined The Internet
If you’ve ever gone through the process of getting a new phone number, you know that the previous owner’s reputation and associations may haunt [...]
Whither Tobacco
This is the halfway point in this year’s 30 Days of Blog, and I thought I would devote at least one day responding to the man who started all of [...]
Adventures in Linux-Land
Look, I’m a software guy, okay? I’ve been banging around on computers since my first TRS-80 that my dad bought in 1982. I’m a software [...]
Wanna Play Monopoly?
As I write this, there are still over 500 people in the St. Louis area without electricity, according to AmerenUE‘s outage map. Granted, that number [...]
Why AOL Sucks
Almost exactly ten years ago I wrote my first rant on this web site entitled “Why AOL Sucks.” It is nice to finally have confirmation of this [...]
Take My Identity, Please
I just can’t win. Between my employer and the Veteran’s Administration, and their penchant for storing my personal data on easily-stolen laptop [...]
Why Movies Suck
So it’s been almost five years since I last ranted about this topic. But recent developments have forced me to reevaluate my own attitude towards the [...]
Why Netflix Sucks
In April of this year, I received an email from Netflix informing me that in June they would be raising their rates from $19.95 per month to $21.99 per [...]