Here We Go Again

Welcome to the third annual Running of the Blogs! We’ve called it 30 Days of Blog in years past, but that title isn’t terrible catchy, so I thought we could use a new name for it. In fact, I might even register the domain name and turn it into a NaNoWriMo kind of experience. Running of the Blogs evokes images of frightened tourists being gored in the streets of Pamplona. That’s kind of how it feels — you know if you don’t keep running, writing something new every day, you are likely to be impaled by the horns of ridicule and derision for having failed in your attempt. I’ve said it in years past, I have a lot of respect for bloggers who manage to crank out a quality product day after day. It’s not easy. But once again, I am accepting the challenge. So, here we go again. Tighten your red sash. On your mark. Get set. Blog!

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