Why Netflix Sucks

In April of this year, I received an email from Netflix informing me that in June they would be raising their rates from $19.95 per month to $21.99 per month. In response, I fired off some hate mail and I’m sure I wasn’t the only customer to respond negatively to this news.

Today I received another email from Netflix notifying me that they are subsequently lowering their rates now to $17.99 per month. That’s great news, of course, but they still suck for lying to their customers. Because in the email they say:

Since our price increase in June, some of our members have expressed concerns about the new pricing. We've listened to this feedback and are pleased to inform you that we're lowering the price of your Netflix 3-at-a-time program from $21.99 per month to 17.99 per month.

What a load. The real reason they are lowering their prices is not all of the negative feedback they have been receiving since April, it’s the fact that Blockbuster announced about a month ago that they would begin offering the exact same service, the exact same package, at the original rate of $19.95 per month, and Netflix customers were switching in droves!

Blockbuster’s response to Netflix’s announcement? To lower their rate to $17.49. God bless the free market.

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