Nexus LCD TV

It was finally time to replace my wife’s tired old CRT TV that she uses to watch her workout videos, so for our anniversary this year, we went shopping for a snazzy new flat screen. We went to American because they typically have the best selection in their store, and we ended up choosing the Nexus NX3203.

I had never heard of Nexus, and I was a little apprehensive about buying a brand with no reputation, especially a Chinese brand. But they apparently make computer monitors, and I couldn’t find any negative reviews online. You definitely get more TV for your money — the Sony and Panasonic TVs of comparable size were at least $200 more. One curious thing about this TV is that the space on the back where the model number and serial number would normally be printed or stamped is blank.

So far we have been pleased with the operation. This model has a generous number of inputs, including HDMI, and VGA, so if you needed that kind of screen real estate, you could actually use this as a computer monitor. The picture quality is very good, although the colors don’t seem quite as vibrant as some other models we looked at.

[12/21/15 Update: The Nexus TV is still working great!]

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